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Since year 2000 the KOHNEN PARTNER law firm provides tailor-made solutions regarding construction law and related areas. With expertise across all sectors, our specialty legal services include ligitation and arbitration.

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Since its founding in year 2000 the KOHNEN PARTNER boutique law firm specializes in construction and real estate law matters. We represent and advise leading companies within the German and international construction industry, along with their contractees or investors. Furthermore we are also active for the public sector, ministries and governments, as well as political parties or non-profit organizations.

We represent the interests of our clients in any litigation, mediation, arbitration and legal matters; with a focus on exploring any achievable out-of-court dispute options. 

The KOHNEN PARTNER law firm offers extensive experience in accompanying projects at any stage of the construction process, with our primary objective being the optimum protection of our client’s best interests, contributing to a successful execution of any venture.

Our legal project management is always committed to deliver best possible results for our clients, we have therefore been able to lead sophisticated construction and plant construction projects towards a successful completion within the outlined requirements in regards to quality, costs and completion times. 

We offer an extensive network within the national and international construction industry and are members of numerous professional associations and organizations


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