Legal Project Management

The Challenge.
Today, an increasing number of parties are involved in the implementation of all kinds of construction projects: Investors, planners, supervisors, project managers, general and sub-contractors. The large number of entities involved also makes it more difficult to coordinate the individual works. The more parties are involved in a construction task, the harder it is to distinguish between the different scopes of responsibility and consequently the liability spheres.

The foundation for potential conflicts is frequently already inherent in the construction contracts: the provisions in these agreements more often than not will lead to uncertainties and friction as the construction project evolves, although the basic reason for entering into a contract with a partner is to ensure legal certainty and the smooth progression of the construction process.

As a construction project progresses, it is also common for the employees in charge on location to make wrong estimations or to fail to recognize the legal problems inherent in a situation. Hence, the negative outcome of the construction process upon completion of the project is frequently pre-programmed as a result of the improper handling of the problems as they arise while the construction activities are on-going. Unfortunately, it is frequently too late for the attorney to heal the omissions made during the construction process.

Our Solution: Legal Project Management.
KOHNEN PARTNER Rechtsanwälte has developed a legal project management system that has been tested in practice and that is a proven effective tool for the management of complex construction projects. In keeping with our philosophy, we measure the quality of the tool based on the project success.

Moreover, the legal advisor frequently loses sight of the construction project’s success. If this happens, the legal advice given may indeed be completely correct and even practical when considered on its own. However, if compliance with such legal advice results in problems in the construction process when the big picture is taken into account, the financial downsides both parties to the construction contract may experience as a consequence is ultimately immense.

As soon as a construction project begins, specifically during the initiative or idea development phase, all mechanisms of preventative legal counselling have to be put to work. The appropriate decisions for the success of the construction process can be made only during this phase, i.e. the pre-contract execution phase. KOHNEN PARTNER Rechtsanwälte has developed a full-spectrum integral system of project essential contracts that is perfectly coordinated (systemic contract management) and offers optimum warranties for the smooth progression of the construction process.

We do of course provide our clients with the complete spectrum of legal project management, which includes construction progress management, retroactive works management, construction time or quality management. It is also a given that we accompany our clients throughout the implementation of the construction project and are available to assist our clients with the acceptance process as well as the analysis and review of the final invoice. As an option we also offer warranty management as one of our services.

KOHNEN PARTNER Rechtsanwälte has developed a unique system that allows us to provide the respective principal with a complete legal project manual or a full legal project documentation file upon finalization of the measure.

Of course we also consistently evaluate the construction projects we support with regard to our assignments. We optimize our project management process all the time. Our activities are not strictly limited to our legal toolbox. We consider ourselves team players and cooperate with everyone involved in the construction process on an interdisciplinary level. We make internal and external project communication (client/team/stakeholders) an integral part of our assignment.

In partnership with our clients, we develop an organisational structure that is both, necessary for the practical applications and project specific to the concrete construction project. It is a given for us to attend project meetings; we also review the entire construction site relevant correspondence and will approach our clients proactively to provide insights and recommendations; not only if prompted to do so.

The first priority in what we do is to avert disputes and ultimately litigation. If disputes cannot be averted, we will do whatever we can to attain an out-of-court settlement in the interest of the project’s success. We offer solutions and don’t just present our concerns. We de-escalate; we don’t ever promote the escalation of disputes.

By now, we have successfully accompanied a large number of exacting construction projects by offering our project management services. Upon request, we will be pleased to submit to you the names of the contacts at our clients’ businesses, who will be happy to provide insights into the work we do from their points of view.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you need our assistance. Our contact information can be found below.

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