International Construction and Plant Construction

Thanks to their expertise and professionalism, the German construction industry, equipment and machine engineering firms enjoy an excellent reputation on the world markets and prevail against the global competition.

Obviously, the laws of the nations where they are implemented govern the general legal conditions for the performance of international construction and equipment building projects. Moreover, international contractual standards have been established, among which the FIDIC Construction Contract Terms and Conditions play a dominant role. FIDIC contract templates are based on the Anglo-Saxon contract law, which is not only distinctly different from German construction contract standards, but is also characterised by an entirely different legal philosophy.

KOHNEN PARTNER Rechtsanwälte will be here to assist you if your business takes you abroad and will help you develop international markets: We will be at your side as you prospect for, close and implement international construction and equipment building projects. We will develop the essential contract structures and conduct the relevant negotiations. In conjunction with this, we also coordinate the integration of local attorneys who are our on site affiliates. We boast a vast network of attorneys in different key locations around the globe and have established the “Construction Law Practice Group,” which is composed of expert lawyers in many parts of the world who share their experience in construction contract law and support each other.

Moreover, Dr. Dominic Kohnen, the founding partner of KOHNEN PARTNER Rechtsanwälte, is one of Germany’s few attorneys included in the German List of FIDIC-Dispute Adjudicators published by the relevant domestic association, the VBI. Hence, we are also in a position to assume the position of a Dispute Adjudicator on your behalf, if the contractual structures call for a Dispute Adjudication Board.

Of course KOHNEN PARTNER Rechtsanwälte will also handle any in-court or arbitration court proceedings on your behalf if they should become necessary and we will do so in compliance with the applicable international arbitration court provisions and standards.

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